Welcome to NIFerrySite!  This is a project I have been hoping to get off the ground for many years now.  As a ferry “enthusiast” for many years I have been frustrated by the lack of a local website dedicated to ferries, so I made my own!

What do you intend this site to contain?

Well, the ferry technical data website thing has been done a few times notably by http://www.faktaomfartyg.se/ (in Swedish) and more recently http://ferry-site.dk/.  Another of note is matkustajalaivat.com which is based in Finland, so I think that area is pretty well covered and I don’t intend to basically duplicate what is already out there!  Technical information will be included on the site (along with some history of the vessels), but this will be thoroughly researched rather than simply copied and pasted from elsewhere as is so often the case!

I intend to have a mix of articles (by myself and others), news (local and that affecting the groups operating locally), photographs, voyage reports, timetable information, and maybe even some book reviews.

How often will the site be updated?

That will depend very much on how much time I have to spend updating the site and whether anyone else joins the admin team to keep the website updated.  As well as my day job I am also studying a degree in Design and Engineering so at times my time can be very limited (much of the reason why the website hasn’t appeared earlier).  However I intend to update as often as I can, even if it is just a few lines of news posted through the WordPress Android App.

Is this site affiliated to any ferry company’s or organisations?

This site is absolutely not connected to any companies or organisations and is a personal website funded by my own money.  However, from time to time, the ferry company’s do contribute some material such as press releases and facilitate visits to their vessels and facilities.

Who are your contributors?

Unless otherwise stated, articles and any writing are my own.  We are lucky to have a number of photographic contributors, including Scott Mackey, Gordon Hislip, Gary Andrews, Alan Geddes, Andrew Orr, Ross McDonald and Robert Stanley.  In addition we also have photographic contributions from further afield, and from the ferry companies themselves.  Stena Line and Seatruck have been particularly supportive in this way.  The site also makes use of work which is “open source” such as that by Albert Bridge.  There is a strict policy of protecting the rights of copyright holders on the site, and as a result of the theft of an article and accompanying images from the site at the end of 2016, all images are now watermarked.

I would like to contribute to the site, how can I contact you?

Please use the contact form accessible from the top menu to contact the site.

Can you link to my site please?

Please use the contact form to request a link exchange.

Where is the site hosted and what software do you use?

The site has been hosted from its creation in the US by Surpass on a plan that allows unlimited bandwidth usage.  In an ideal world the site would be hosted in the UK or Ireland, but cost dictates that this wont be happening any time soon!  The software used is WordPress, a publishing platform mainly aimed at bloggers but which is increasingly being used as a tool for other websites.  From January 2017 NIFS has been running with the ‘ColorMag’ and a number of plugins.  Previously we used the ‘Inkness’ theme and prior to that ‘Responsive’.  Following an attack on the website by hackers in March 2017 a number of security plugins are also run.  Most updates and articles are produced on a 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 MacBook Air (late 2013 model) running Apple macOS.  Although the site is designed primarily to be viewed on a computer monitor, the software and theme are fully compatible with mobile browsers.  However due to differing specifications of mobile handsets, user experiences may vary.

What do you use to take your photos?

Our photographers use a number of different camera models, but I personally have taken most of my photos on either a Sony SLT-A58 or SLT-A37 using lenses from Sony, Minolta, and Tamron.  A Panasonic superzoom compact and even an iPhone are sometimes used (particularly for internal shots)!

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